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Functional medicine is leading a rapid evolution in medical treatment – a diagnostic focus on identifying the underlying causes of a disease or symptoms. The heart of this holistic approach begins with individual patient-centered care with one goal: Restoring your vibrant health and well-being. Dr. Noble draws on a range of scientific and medical disciplines to evaluate and treat the roots of your chronic disorder or illness.
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What Our Patients Are Saying

“I have two daughters. They are patients of Dr. Noble, as well as myself. Dr. Noble was instrumental in teaching, in telling you how to treat yourself better with food, with vitamins, and with sleep.”

“I started using [Dr. Noble’s] IV vitamins and it has helped my athletic endurance while doing triathlon training. We started with hormone therapy, the IV vitamins, and I even tried the protein diet.”

Embrace a Healthier You” at the Noble Center for Healthy Aging, in Boca Raton. Discover Functional and Integrative Medicine, Natural dermal fillers and laser treatments, rejuvenating facials, and IV Therapy.

I cannot recommend it highly enough.


Thanks to Dr. Noble and Denise, I’ll be starting the new year about 25 lbs lighter than I was just before Halloween! The Ideal Protein program she put me on worked FAST and once I got over my initial carb cravings, was relatively easy for a busy working Mom like me. I cannot recommend it highly enough.


-Suzanne DiVasto Citere

You helped give me my life back


Since Dr. Noble has discovered the styrene and I cleared it and I removed it from my home my health has continued to improve. Most of the bloat is finally off maybe 2-3 pounds more to go yeah!!!!. I think of what she has done for me often and I have been wanting to thank her for it and for never giving up on me even when I was a pain in the ASH. I believe that by her uncovering that I am a very allergic person and the styrene poisoning, she got right to the heart of my real problems and NO ONE has ever been able to do that or has stayed in it long enough to find out. In short, she did exactly what she promised and now I am on a path to a level of healing I never even dreamed was possible. I hold Dr. Noble in the highest regard. I believe for the most part her role in my healing has been fulfilled, sometimes it takes a village. Words can never express how grateful I am to Dr. Noble, you helped give me my life back.



I am indeed grateful!


I learned of Dr. Nobles work when I decided my own health practices weren’t giving me needed results. The first visit introduced me to the importance of being tested for nutrient deficiencies that can lead to many various ailments.

Results from this thorough testing showed my inability to absorb important nutrients, even though my diet was a healthy one. With that corrected, my health rapidly improved with increased energy and clearance of problems that had bothered me for quite some time. I learned that absorption of good diet with the assistance of the proper probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, minerals can bring about incredible changes for the better in ones health. It has been extremely beneficial to work with Dr. Noble and her caring guidance. I am indeed grateful to have had her remarkable solutions to this health issues.


-Virgina Castleton

I love Dr. Noble for what she has helped me achieve


When I came to see Dr. Noble in July of 2010 I was emotionally, spiritually and physically broken. At our first appointment she sat me down in her office and we went over every detail of the events that led me to her practice. Her professionalism, patient, loving demeanor and the comfortable atmosphere of her office allowed me the freedom to put it all out there. I was deficient in every female hormone necessary for me to live an energetic, vibrant life and was quite low in every major nutritional component necessary to be healthy. The next few months quite literally changed my life, as she custom tailored a plan that restored me back to a healthy state. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of being so unhealthy mentally and physically is that I had gained about 25 pounds. In October of 2010, Dr. Noble suggested I try the Ideal Protein diet. Two months later, with her help and guidance I lost all the weight I wanted and was feeling even better. I love Dr. Noble for what she has helped me achieve and deeply indebted to her for helping me regain my life.


-Nancy Lighter

I am blessed and grateful


I love the advice you share Dr. Noble; most importantly because I know you follow them yourself and have for quite a while. You use and recommend: eating natural foods, using natural products whenever possible, making time for consistent spiritual practice and following a regular exercise program. My skin is better and I feel better after each visit. I am blessed and grateful that you are not only part of my medical team but that you are such an integral part of 2012 I will be ready to stick to a diet! However, I will start with the detox regiment you suggested. I am blessed and grateful that you are not only part of my medical team but that you are such an integral part of my growth and in my life of course! (I am learning not to take relationships for granted). I wish you nothing but the best…always. my growth and in my life!



Dr. Noble has truly changed our lives


I decided to go to Dr. Noble after seeing what astonishing results she obtained with my wife. I didn’t feel particularly bad in any one area but more generally a curiosity if this is the way people are supposed to feel. I was drinking coffee throughout the day to keep energy levels up, had trouble sleeping at night, at least once a week an upset stomach and diarrhea. All of this I attributed to the high stress occupation. I even asked Dr. Noble “what if we don’t find anything wrong?” to which she replied “we will”. Sure enough, the test results came back and after a thorough review of each of the results line by line, I now knew that I was nutritionally deficient in several areas as well as having very low testosterone and elevated estrogen levels. Treatment was through a variety of nutraceuticals, and in a few short months all of my results are now where they should be. I now enjoy one cup of coffee in the morning because I enjoy it, but no longer need the caffeine throughout the day. I can now fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly. I no longer suffer from the upset stomachs or diarrhea, and yet still have the same occupation. Most notably, I am no longer “skinny”, no matter how much food I would eat previously I could never gain weight. I had always blamed this on a metabolism running at mach 2. During the eight weeks after starting the supplements I gained 13 pounds and now look as healthy as I feel (5’7”, 145lbs). Now after eight months, I am still at the same 145lbs and continue to feel great. Only regret is not having found Dr. Noble sooner, she has truly changed our lives.


-Keith Parsons

The most detailed doctor I have ever been to!


Dr. Noble is the most detailed doctor I have ever been to, she is someone you feel real safe trusting with your health and wellness.