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Functional medicine is leading a rapid evolution in medical treatment – a diagnostic focus on identifying the underlying causes of a disease or symptoms. The heart of this holistic approach begins with individual patient-centered care with one goal: Restoring your vibrant health and well-being. Dr. Noble draws on a range of scientific and medical disciplines to evaluate and treat the roots of your chronic disorder or illness.
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19 Feb A Healthy Diet is the New Prescription Without the Side Effects

This week on NBC news they spoke about Pfizer and the known side effects of Bextra, a Cox 2 Inhibitor, that is similar to Vioxx (Merck and Co.) and Celebrex.  It was shown to cause heart attack and stroke in preliminary studies and could cause...

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08 Feb Let’s Focus!

Prevention of woman’s most feared cancer: Breast Cancer. It has been estimated that Breast Cancer affects 70 million women today. One in 8 or more are being diagnosed yearly. The treatment can be disfiguring surgery, illness provoking chemotherapy, uncomfortable radiation and hormone inhibition. It is disappointing...

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